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What you get

Regular updates with CRA tax calculation tables and guidelines for all Canadian provinces and territories

Unlimited earning and deduction codes

WinTax is fully customizable so that you can create payment and deductions types to suit your situation.

Example: regular wages, bonuses, retroactive pay, holiday pay, commissions ... whatever you need.

Multiple payment methods supported

How it works

Flexible set-up

You set your pay cycles to suit your business rhythm and create as many payroll groups and companies as you need.

Simple single screen data entry

Everything you need to process each employee's payroll in less than one minute, all on one simple screen. There's no more flipping between screens and navigating complicated progam layers.

Comprehensive reporting

Over two dozen standard reports are available in fully customizable formats. Password protected email-ready employee pay statements

Easy year-end process

Quickly generate all the completed forms you need to submit to the CRA: T4s, year end reports, Record of Employment forms (paper or xml electronic), etc..

Double protection

60 Day Money Back Guarantee


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Fast. Easy. Accurate. DONE!

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See what our customers are saying

"The program I have is very fast and efficient and easy to navigate"

Jodi Stadnick, Swan Sports Lounge and Deli, Ontario

"Your product is fast and easy to use. Customer service is great. Always notified of updates needed"

Steve Schwoob, Diamond Cleaning Services, Ontario

"Very easy and simple payroll system to use from the start.

T-4 Summary and Printable T-4s are done at the click of a button. Reports are easily queried and printed.

Overall the best money and least expensive non-manual way of tracking your payroll system on the market"

Brenda Ferguson, Alliston Auto Repairs, Ontario

"WinTax has helped me since I was a start-up business 4 years ago, I have used it from starting revenues of less than 50K per year to over 600K per year. It has grown with me and I rely on it for all my calculations for Revenue Canada payments.

I was audited last year by Revenue Canada and was found to have no issues with the accounting I provided on the payroll side - all generated with WinTax.

If you're starting a company and don't want the hassles of tax tables and unknown calculations, WinTax is a proven solution. Lowers the stress at tax audit time as well.

I have found WinTax to be a great asset in my business"

Art Fenerty, Artsoft Inc, Ontario

Try it risk FREE for 30 Days


“It's super fast to enter the dates and hours into the program. It takes less than one minute for each employee, AND we like the price.”

Bruce & Bonnie Hacher, Cedarland Inc. Construction Contractor, Ontario

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"I am so glad we found Wintax. The Wintax Pro program works very well and completely meets our needs for a payroll program for our small business that is accurate, easy to use, and at a low cost.

In addition, the support team is very responsive to questions. I also appreciate the ease of web-based updating when government deductions change"

Pat Kerr, Sunworks Inc, Ontario

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Delivery Policy

All orders are delivered electronically. After your payment has been processed, you will receive an email with your activation code, download links, and installation instructions usually within one hour or less. If you do not receive this email within one hour then please check your spam folder, then contact us by email at support@hrclub.ca

Refund and Cancelations

We offer a "NO QUESTIONS ASKED" 60-day money-back guarantee. Your refund request will be processed within two business days.